The Reliquarian | 9 Things a 9 Year Old Says
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9 Things a 9 Year Old Says

Much of the Reliquarian delves into different areas of science, mysticism, spirituality, from many different places and practices.  In a bit of irony I happen to not be terribly strong in math, but I am fascinated with numbers, and have always had an affinity for 9 in particular.  I had been toying with the idea of lists of 9 as potential blog posts, and it seemed fitting that on the 27th (2+7=9) when 9 years ago I was in labor with my son that I ask him for 9 things he wants to share… as expected they were both insightful and humorous, as is his personality… and I am in-between missing my baby, and loving my little boy, and anticipating meeting the man he will become… so here are 9 things that a 9 year old has to say about life so far, and in the future.


Steven 1


1:  I don’t actually know what’s important… maybe I’ll know when I’m thirteen.


Steven 2


2:  Family is important, because… well, because family is important.


Steven 5


3:  It would be good if no one had guns or weapons, except for police and military… and they should just have nightsticks.


Steven 6


4:  I don’t know what makes a good parent because I’m not one yet, but I’m a good son when I’m helpful, and kind, and make  mom laugh.


Steven 8


5:  When you feel sad you should yell at your sister, or talk to your mom and get a hug.


Steven 9


6:  You should give lots of hugs and tell people you love them, a lot, or they might forget.


Steven 7


7:  When I grow up I think it’ll be important for me to help people, maybe by being a soldier, or a nurse, or a dad.


Steven 4


8:  My most important memory is that you love me.


Steven 3


9:  The best thing about being 9 years old is that I’m closer to having a youtube channel so I can make people laugh that aren’t in my house… in another 9 years I’ll be 18, and I’ll be cooking fries in a far off mcdonald’s.



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