I am a writer, an artist, a philanthropist, a mother, a humanitarian, a lover, and a hopeless romantic. I am these things because I wouldn’t know how not to be. I have never been good at following the path and fitting the expectations set for me {even when I am the one setting them.}

A collection of images here will tell you more eloquently than I could. My non-profit: The Elysian Sanctuary, my family, and this project is the trinity of my existence.

In many ways the Reliquarian began when I was a child, I see the nuances of it, the birthplaces of its characters and creatures, the colors, and the conversations that showed up in prose and poetry and paintings of my youth. I am always becoming the woman that will write the next pieces of this ennealogy, I am always experiencing, seeking, and stumbling across the threads that will be woven into the story and its accompanying artistry.

The Reliquarian is a collective convergence of all my talents and ambitions as an artist, writer, creative and photographer, into a series of illustrated novel storybooks. Along the way other creative spirits have found their way into the project, collaborating with me on the props, costuming, set design, make-up, hair, jewelry, headdresses, and illustrations. A team has helped with shooting behind the scenes, footage of the shoots as they happen, along with tutorials on how the props and pieces are created, how the shoots are done, and how the images are retouched.

At heart, I’ve always been a storyteller. I’ve always been in love with the forgotten and nostalgic, and I’ve never been happy expressing myself in only one medium. The Reliquarian is my dreams that take place while both awake and asleep. It is the lessons I have learned, and the ones I have yet to learn. I write them for my grandmother… I write them for my children. I write them for myself, and I write them for you.