The Key to Everything

With all the chaos, the props, the artistry, the costuming, the sets, it is amazing to me that the image that has caused the most discord for me has been the what should have been the most simple of shoots.  A little girl, in the dress, in the snow.  The first images turned out beautiful, but were before I had a storyline, when it was simply a thought of an idea somewhere in the recesses of my mind.  The second shoot came after a winter with no cooperating snow, at the beginning of spring, the day I flew home from WPPI after teaching 9 classes in 3 days… I was exhausted, the snow was already falling from the branches, the dress that was the right one was already too small for Cadence, and she had grown so much that it made me want to cry.


The Key to Everything


So much of this story orbits around the concept of time.  Something that has been increasingly prominent in my thoughts… how quickly it passes, how fleeting it is, how fragile and elusive… and incredibly how taken for granted it is.  One of my presentations was called “Time is My Currency”  and very much reveals how my feelings on time have been greatly responsible for my artistry, career, and life choices…



Once again: Time is nipping at my subconscious, reminding me that it is flowing away, into the Falls of Eternity (Reliquarian Map Spoiler) and telling me to spend my time well, before it is gone.  For me that is the Reliquarian… For the last few years I have taught my students that Profit follows Passion, and I have lived that lesson.  Though I am quite certain that it will be some time before I am able to see the profit follow this project, more importantly I believe that the elevation of that mindset is that Passion leads you to your Purpose.  There is something inexplicable in the knowing that this project, or some part of it is that purpose, the answer to the question we all ask:  Why am I here?


Do you know your answer to that question?



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