Nourish Retreats – A New Way To Feed the Soul – Las Vegas 3/7-9/2016

Nourish Retreat Las Vegas

I am doing my first ever ‪#‎Nourish‬ ‪#‎Retreat‬ My Grandmother is Italian which means we are taught to feed people from the moment we can walk and talk… there is something profoundly spiritual about showing love through food… to say I love you so much that I want to nourish the body that you are held in, and keep it strong.
For me the Nourish Retreats are about balance, they’re about centering, they’re about learning how to have Profit follow your Passion, so that you can keep your focus towards your greater Purpose.
With the Nourish Retreats we’re not just shooting, not looking to improve your portfolio, but we’re looking at where you are, and where you want to be and how to get there… It’s not just about the income… I can teach you 4 figure sales easily. It’s about how to spend the rest of your time exactly as you want to… with your artistry, your family, your hobbies. How to work, love, and live happy. This retreat isn’t about having your dream income, or your dream job, but your dream life. With all the time you have spent not having it, isn’t it time you made the leap?


March 7th: The Artistry: There will be gorgeous models wandering the property, awaiting you to play with them. We’ll look at lighting, posing, client interaction in an intimate setting with a beautiful backdrop… if you need handholding this is the time, if you’re confident and want to play, this is the place. <3


March 8th: The Business: Pricing, Collections, 4 figure sales, Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Client Sales. Everything you need to know about beginning, revamping, running your business happens on this day. I’ll share all my marketing materials and contracts, pricing, and the companies I work with, how I get and sell my clients, and how I built my business with zero advertising dollars, and how you can do the same. Theres lots of Q & A time to address specific concerns and obstacles you may be facing. And the models will be available again so that when you are bored or overflowing with all the information you can take a creativity break and work on your portfolio instead. <3


March 9th: Fresh Perspective: I’m keeping time open to give you the perspective needed from the other side of the lens which I sincerely believe makes an enormous difference in your sales… and ends up with lovely images of you for personal or professional purposes. In contrast you can spend an hour in an intensive with me where we look specifically at you. Your website, blog, portfolio, social media, pricing, marketing and business plan so I can give you real time feedback to help move you towards reaching you business and booking goals of 2016.


I’m keeping the sessions small and intimate, so after I’ve filled the workshop I’ll delete the ordering button above. You can book for one, two, or all three days as they suit you. You’re also welcome to reserve air mattress space and stay with us at the Mansion since these tend to result in late nights, if not all nights 🙂 Coming with a friend or partner? Awesome! Book all 3 days for 2 people at an amazing discount, either to come to the events, or to stay for the full three days and nights as my guest 🙂


Once you reserve your spot I’ll send you a questionnaire and some more info on schedule and content. Feel free to view the event page here: and don’t hesitate to message me with any questions or special requests… This is for you after all, please don’t be shy about asking for whatever would make this the most nourishing for your specific needs <3

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