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What Is Nourish?

My Grandmother is Italian which means we are taught to feed people from the moment we can walk and talk… There is something profoundly spiritual about showing love through food… to say I love you so much that I want to nourish the body that you are held in, and keep it strong.

For me the Nourish Retreats are about balance, they’re about centering, they’re about learning how to have Profit follow your Passion, so that you can keep your focus towards your greater Purpose.

With the Nourish Retreats we’re not just shooting or writing, not looking to improve your portfolio or repertoire; we’re looking at where you are, and where you want to be, and how to get there…

It’s not just about the income… I can teach you 4 figure sales easily. It’s about how to spend the rest of your time exactly as you want to… with your artistry, your family, your hobbies. How to work, love, and live happy.

This retreat isn’t about having your dream income, or your dream job, but your dream life. With all the time you have spent not having it, isn’t it time you made the leap?


Upcoming Retreats:

Connecting With Your Creative Spirit:

  • September 1-4 at Lark Manor located in Limerick PA
  • A retreat focus on unplugging from the constant hum of technology in order to reconnect with your inner creative spirit at its source, by returning to creation’s source: Nature.
  • For more information and to reserve your spot please see our event page: Connecting With Your Creative Spirit