The Reliquarian | Connecting With Your Creative Spirit
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Where it is:

Limerick Pennsylvania


When it is:

September 1-4, 2016


What it is:

A 4 day retreat, focused on unplugging from the constant hum of technology in order to reconnect with your inner Creative Spirit by returning to the source of creation: Nature.


What is the Investment: 

$900 plus your time and energy.
The investment cost Includes all classes and activities for the 4 days, Dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, a Continental Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and an assortment of snacks and beverages for grazing throughout the weekend.



There are two hotels less than 5 minutes from Lark Manor:

  1. Hampton Inn –
  2. Holiday Inn –

If you are fully committed to unplugging you are welcome to bring a tent and camp on the grounds of Lark Manor.


What We’ll Be Doing:

This is more than a simply photo workshop, it’s meant to reconnect to your Creative Spirit, which does not want to be confined to the cage of a single expression.  We’ll be spending a good bit of time outside, both on the grounds, and also the trails and water.

There will be personal time each day where there is the option for a guided activity such as horseback riding, trail hiking, yoga and meditation, or kayaking, or you can choose to play with the models, spend some personal time shooting, working, reflecting, or relaxing.

Nearby are several amenities including Golf, Bowling, Movie Theaters, a selection of restaurants, stores and shops, salons and barbers, and anything else you could need access to for enjoyment or necessity.

We have models on hand for both education and personal shooting all 4 days.  Both the grounds and the studio are available as backdrops for creating, and there is a blend of structure and freedom in the shooting process.

In the evenings we’ll have reflection and conversation about business, marketing and personal growth while enjoying the amazing Boozy S’mores recipe Mackenzie found for us.

Each day we will do something that Nourishes Your Mind, Your Body, Your Spirit, Your Business, and Your Art.


What you should bring with you:

Shooting Gear
Favorite pen
An open mind
Hiking boots
Jeans or heavy fabric long pants
Light airy clothes for the heat
Extra clothes for when we get muddy or wet
A Bathing suit
ID – Necessary for some of the Extracurricular Activities we have available.
Any medicine or prescriptions you have that won’t be in a standard 1st aid kit
A friend
Tent and sleeping bag if staying on the grounds
A fearless heart
Something to share with the group – whether that is a snack, a poem that inspires you, a trinket they can take with them, a book for the studio library, something sentimental, useful, or amusing.

Additional Links:

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