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9 Things a 9 Year Old Says

Much of the Reliquarian delves into different areas of science, mysticism, spirituality, from many different places and practices.  In a bit of irony I happen to not be terribly strong in math, but I am fascinated with numbers, and have always had an affinity for...

A Love Letter of Sorts To Someone I Have Yet to Meet

Dear Mackenzie, Each year I write you a note on your birthday, something sentimental about how you are growing, and not to do so too quickly, about the girl you are, and the woman you are becoming.  Lately we both have been looking at the images...

Nourish Retreats – A New Way To Feed the Soul – Las Vegas 3/7-9/2016

Nourish Retreat Las Vegas


One of my greatest gifts in becoming a photographer has been the collection of friends I now have that are such immensely good hearts, and incredible talents.  It has inspired me professionally and artistically, and has created some of the most important photographs and videos...